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Over the last few years Google Plus has steadily grown into a social network used by individuals, brands, and businesses. With the recent redesign of Google Plus influence on this platform is more important than ever, especially on mobile. This is a great time for personal brands to start getting active again for increased online visibility. Is Google Plus good for branding? Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are still at the top of the marketing pyramid, and Google Plus has additional benefits with its integration with YouTube, niche communities, and top results in Google search. Their latest feature, Collections, allows your brand to find topics and influencers, which is great for target marketing. Unlike other social networks there is more control over what you see on Google Plus, and more room to write lengthy posts with the ability to easily connect with your audience. As your brand’s content appears on Google’s search engine results your brand can establish your expert status with links back to your website. Here are several other benefits in building your personal brand on the new Google Plus: More focus on user interests. While many people use Google for posting content, images, and video, it is also a great platform to find and connect with those who share similar interests. Groups have become prolific here, and now Collections can pull information directly from your Circles and help your brand narrow down what interests you and your audience the most. Large mobile reach. Google has made a lot of improvements to the look and speed of its platform on mobile devices. This opens the door of opportunity to connect with a growing network of users who are mostly using their smartphones and tablets to find information and communicate on social media. Improved search and hashtags. Another great feature on the new Google Plus is the improved search and hashtag functions. Much like Facebook Graph, the network will help provide your brand with precise results and suggestions, with simple hashtag entry. Share content based on user interests. It is important to target the right audience who is interested in what your brand has to offer. With Collections and groups on Google Plus you can eliminate wasted views and increase comments, plus ones and shares. The updated design and functionality of Google Plus enables brands to reach more users with a focused approach through topics, Collections, and targeted content. It’s time to get back on board with this growing social network and start increasing your visibility. Digital & Social Articles on Business 2 Community (18)

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