Try These Game-Changing Approaches to Storytelling in Digital Marketing

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Everything around us is constantly evolving. From nature to technology, every piece of our reality is on a path of constant change, and –  when it comes to their preferences on entertainment & advertising – humans are no different.

Sales promises, dull TV commercials, and random copies that used to be thrown into an improvised marketing strategy with no pre or after thought are no longer getting the job done. However, if you’ve been keeping up with the Storifiyme blog section, you surely know what produces results when it comes to marketing, sales, conversions, impressions, and all that jazz.

Yeap, you guessed it:

Storytelling Is the *Not-So-Secret* Secret Ingredient

The audiences worldwide have evolved, and being savvy and agile marketers that we are – we have to adapt, survive, and (in the best case scenario) thrive and evolve, too. With quality product storytelling, companies can catch and retain the attention of their target audience. That’s clear as day.

On the other hand, to do this marketing thing properly in this day and age, you have to offer web stories people will like and enjoy. Consumers’ need for entertainment and information has to trump your need for immediate promotion; otherwise, they will just tune out the “sales-pitchy” white-noise that you’re blaring out into the ether.

And yes, if we’re honest, we’re all here to push and promote something; but to make sales happen, one has to be a “smooth operator” and go about it in a sophisticated way.

For starters, do the necessary research, collect the data needed, do your best to find out what the audiences want to see before you open with a story, instead of a “purchasing opportunity”. Once that part of the game plan is cleared up you can try one (or all) of these storytelling approaches, and you’ll see a world of difference in the response, engagement and all other important metrics:

Hire Professionals to Do Your Storytelling for You

In today’s business world it is not uncommon for companies to reach out to public relations firms to seek help. Who better to ask when you want advice and guidance regarding your brand’s perception, image, damage control, and how to be liked and respected by masses.

The internet makes it easier for businesses to publish favorable narratives through all the available social platforms. On the other hand, it’s a double-edged sword (so to speak) since everybody can share their experiences, thoughts, and impressions. For better or worse, it’s never been easier to share your story; however, it’s also never been easier to expose transgressions and deceitful half-truths which are unfortunately, in all honesty, extremely common.

PR people are painfully aware of this fact. They know that a good story can hide in any corner of any company; with that in mind, it’s a simple task of finding that story and presenting it in the right way. What’s happening behind the closed doors and behind the scenes is extremely important, because sooner or later – the truth will come out. Your audience cares about what your brand represents on and off stage, online and IRL. Treating your customers the right way is a given, but remember that how you treat your employees is a huge factor in your narrative as well.

Public relations experts know what power words hold. Additionally, they follow the latest trends in the industry, and can use vast amounts of journalistic knowledge to put together the best narrative possible for you, your company, and your brand.

Give Digital, Augmented, and Virtual Reality a Go!

As we mentioned in the intro, the world keeps on going forward and technology along with it. Nowadays, we have some of the most fascinating, mind-bending tech available for public use. Interactive print, virtual reality headsets, 360 videos, and so many more options stand at your disposal, if only you’re willing to broaden your horizons. Google a few things and think outside of the box.

In a world of Pokemon Go, virtual museums, the entertainment overall becomes a “choose-your-adventure” kind of ordeal, and audiences near and far love the experience! Although it’s still at its very inception, this new approach to reality gives you many possibilities to tell your story in any way you want it told. At the same time, you’re offering your people immersive experience and a meaningful connection that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen or felt before. Discover and master this medium, before it becomes the norm!

Let the Influencers Do Their Job Without Creative Constraints

As expected, most companies want to have a firm hold onto the image and message they put into the world. Unfortunately, that inclination tends to bring trouble when collaborating with influencers. More often than not, when businesses hire influencers to a storified ad, “corporate” wants to direct (sometimes even instruct) influencers on their tone, language, demeanor, etc.

What we, as business people on a lookout for our brand ambassadors, have to keep in mind is the fact that influencer marketing is best left to them. They are specialists in their own right. Try to remember that they’ve got the following and attention of the very people you want to impress. You sought them out and hired them for a reason, so give them enough “breathing room” to do their job properly. If you try to push your vision and narrative at all costs, those shoutouts will feel completely inauthentic. You’ll lose the attention of the demographic you’re targeting and nobody is a winner in that case.

Assuming that you want your collaboration to bear some fruit, try giving more freedom to influencers you hire and seeing what they come up with. Pick your ambassadors carefully, give them “must-have” guidelines, and magic will ensue!

Embrace the Change

Marketing is a game you ought to play only if you have an updated storified guide on how to do it correctly. Knowing your ABCs is far from enough to make your business flourish. You have to go above and beyond: ask the right questions, collect the important data, engage with your community, guide, help, inform, and entertain without a catch to create trust and maintain authenticity.

Don’t stoop to cheap sales tricks, society as a whole is long past that stage of evolutionary development. Your audience deserves better. You deserve better. A positive narrative crafted by a professional hand, presented with a little help of the latest technology, delivered without unnecessary creative inhibitions is the way to go!

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