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by Marco Sacca April 24, 2016

Some people may think that the words marketing and advertising are synonyms, as they are used interchangeably very often. Especially when we talk about Video, not everybody is able to get the difference. Is the YouTube pre-roll ad considered marketing? Does a video on a company’s home page count as an advertisement?

The incredible growth of promoted videos on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, made the picture even blurrier. Sometimes is, in fact, possible to see a promoted video on a platform, which will also host the same video for free on a brand’s feed. Is marketing just a fancier way of saying advertising?

Let’s try to explain. Imagine a big circle and label it as video marketing, then draw a smaller circle inside: that is called video advertising, where all the paid distributions channels actually take place. There can also be a small circle next to it for social sharing and another one for a brand’s own website, but these small circles inside the big marketing area do not overlap, as they do not belong to the advertising circle.

In more clear words:

Video Marketing: The use of video as content in websites, landing pages, social media and email to inform, educate and engage.

Video Advertising: Running video commercials online across all screens, using advanced audience & geo-targeting to reach precise markets

Video marketing has been a powerful online tactic for quite a long time now, almost a decade. With the explosion of mobile devices in the last few years, videos have increased their presence, because it’s easier and more engaging to watch a small handheld screen than read on it. Data shows that last year, mobile was the fastest-growing platform for viewing video—and it will continue to be so into the foreseeable future.

Why invest on Video advertising if video marketing is already performing? It’s like TV advertising online—only better. Here is some data provided by Sightly, a video advertising tech company:

Video advertising gives you the potential to reach a huge audience – people of all ages, many of them difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels. YouTube advertising has the potential to reach over 800 million visitors worldwide.

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