Take your marketing to the next level with the 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp

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The best way to increase membership in your Scouting unit is to learn some easy, simple ways to market your unit in your community. And the simplest, easiest way to learn how to market your pack, troop, crew, ship or team to your community is to attend the 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp, an exciting virtual event designed to teach volunteers new marketing and public relations strategies to help get the word out about Scouting. What is the 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp? The 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp is a two-session virtual seminar designed to educate volunteers at the unit, district, council and national level on the best practices of raising awareness of Scouting in your community. The bootcamp will cover new strategies to take your recruiting and marketing efforts to the next level, including exciting new research on the outcomes and benefits that families get from being involved in Scouting and tips to help you recruit in the digital space. You’ll also get tips on taking impactful photos of your Scouts in action, and on producing engaging websites for your unit. When is the 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp? There will be two sessions. Session 1 is March 14. Session 2 is March 21. Both sessions will be at 8 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. Central / 6 p.m. Mountain / 5 p.m. Pacific. If you attend both sessions, you’ll become a BSA Certified Marketer for 2024 and will be awarded this year’s digital badge. Who should attend the 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp? Basically, everyone. This event is designed for volunteers at all levels of Scouting, as well as council staff. Are you excited about Scouting but have little marketing experience to share your enthusiasm? Attend the bootcamp and learn skills and strategies that will come in handy and could inspire you to become your unit or district’s marketing lead. Are both sessions the same? No! Each session will contain unique information and tips for marketing your Scouting unit. Will recordings of the sessions be made available for later viewing? Yes! We’ll share links to the recorded sessions as soon as they are available. What other resources are available to help me spread the word about Scouting? Start with the BSA Brand Center, where you’ll find materials to help you create marketing materials for a variety of uses. The Brand Center also features several short, fun videos that are great for sharing digitally with your friends and fellow community members. You can visit this website for more tips on marketing and recruiting. And, even though it’s already February, it’s not too late to start our five Scouting-related — and marketing-related — New Year’s resolutions. How do I sign up for the 2024 National Marketing Bootcamp? Inspire Leadership, Foster Values: Donate to Scouting Inspire Leadership, Foster Values: Donate to Scouting When you give to Scouting, you are making it possible for young people to have extraordinary opportunities that will allow them to embrace their true potential and become the remarkable individuals they are destined to be. Donate Today

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