What is Digital Marketing and How to learn it?

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Amid COVID-19, the smartphones and internet have disrupted all over the world. Technology has orchestrated ways for possibilities in a digital spectrum that were never experienced two decades back. Digital Marketing has surfaced up as a necessity for every business in order to stay ahead of the competitive curve. In this post, I will explain the meaning of Digital Marketing and my best strategies for content promotion on the internet.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is the promotion of your business, be it a product, service, or brand on digital mediums. Promotion platforms include websites, email marketing, search engine promotion, and many more. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

1- Define your niche, product/service

In order to market your business, you have to identify your business first. A unique name, corporate identity weighs in heavily in the promotion of your brand.

2- Market Research / Identify target audience

It is very important to know your audience and identify potential future customers who may have any interest in your business. One of the best ways of finding out your audience is by conducting a survey. I usually use Google Forms for identifying the prospects who may be interested in my business.

Here’s the latest survey I conducted using Google form and shared the sheet with my social media audience.

3- Website (Website is Must for Digital Marketing your own business)

Everyone in the digital age must have a website and the foundation of a website needs to be built on a reliable hosting company. A website needs to showcase your business clearly and must have an accessible contact us form for capturing leads.

A website must have three things

– Email opt-in form

– Push notification

– Facebook Pixels

– Install Analytics (Google Search Console)

In order to know your traffic on your website, the exact search keywords they are performing on Google to get to your website, their demographics, it is very important to install Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

– Get a payment gateway

For me, https://getsafepay.pk/ is a one-stop resource for integrating payment gateway on my website. The website is easy to signup and the code for accepting all credit cards on the website is easy to integrate too.

– Advertise website on other websites

Search around websites with huge traffic in your business. Reach out to them and ask them to allow you to submit an article about your business. This can be done with major blogs too who typically accept sponsored posts.

– Email marketing (Build your email list)

People often think email marketing does not work. This is not true. Email marketing is still one of the most instrumental ways of marketing your business to your loyal customers who have subscribed to your email newsletter. You can show them new offers, sell affiliate products and raise awareness about your business.

– SEO/Google My Business

SEO, commonly known as search engine optimization is very important. People use the Google search engine to find websites. If your website is ranked for business-related keywords, the lead lands on your landing page and can be converted into a customer.

Google My Business is very important. It puts your business on Google Map, making it easy for local customers to search your business.

– Google Ads

Google ads are one of the best ways of advertising on the Google search engine for your business-related keywords.

4- Learn Copywriting

Copywriting is very important. By writing effective sales and marketing copy, the chances of leads converting to sales are higher. A good sales copy grabs user interest and convinces them to take an action and buy your product or service.

5- Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in Pakistan is getting popular as most businesses are turning up to the internet for finding clients. Social media marketing is one effective way to help small businesses to generate sales online.

Here are the most important social media platforms that can drive huge traffic to your business


To increase brand awareness and get more clients to your business, digital marketing services are a need of an hour. It is the only way to establish your business on the internet and sustain it as sales keep coming in.

If you want to learn Digital Marketing, you can learn from my YouTube playlist in Urdu/Hindi.