SMS marketing is still a popular

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When you’re preparing a marketing campaign for your business, don’t forget about text messages. They are still a popular and effective tool. How can A2P SMS help your business?

Increase your coverage

SMS messages currently have the highest open rate (about 90% of received messages are read in the first seconds). This gives you the assurance that your messages will reach their addressee, provided, of course, that they have agreed to receive them. This is important, because unsolicited messages may simply annoy their recipients.

When sending emails, your messages may end up in spam, or only be read after a long time.

A2P messages increase audience coverage; more clients receive information on time, and consequently, they are able to respond to them while they’re still relevant.

Saving your budget

It’s no secret that SMS is a fairly cheap marketing tool. Again, compared to email, we can see that they avoid wastage, as less money is spent on unopened messages. It’s more difficult to update a database with email addresses than a telephone database, as it’s easier to weed out incorrect phone numbers than email. Also, the cost of creating an attractive letter is higher (you need to at least pay a copywriter and designer to compose a letter for mailing) than that for a short attention-grabbing SMS message.

The cost of SMS mail-outs is more dependent on having a properly selected service, with adequate prices and reliable routes. On the Intis Telecom website you can see the current prices for sending SMS messages to different countries, as well as independently calculate what budget you will need for mass messaging.

Always be in touch

One of the important features of SMS messages is that they don’t require the Internet. You can send messages to absolutely all your clients, even if they don’t use smartphones with Internet access. It’s very convenient and allows you to always be in touch.

Your clients can also exchange SMS messages with you if you enable feedback.

SMS messages are easy to use and also effective for distributing advertisements and important and interesting information about your business. To see this for yourself, you can register for free on the Intis Telecom platform and create your own SMS mail-outs.