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Email may not be new and it may not be flashy, but for many marketers, it remains an absolute essential. There’s just no better way to establish direct contact with a customer or client than to send carefully honed content directly into their email inbox.

When done right, email marketing can yield significant benefits for your business: Increased traffic, improved sales, and a stronger rapport with your clientele. If you’re not seeing those results, it may be because your strategy is askew. Here are a few things to consider as you seek to get your email marketing efforts back on track.

How to Do Better with Email Marketing

1. Get the frequency right.

How often should you send marketing emails? Often enough to keep your business top-of-mind, but not so often that your readers feel like they are getting spammed. There’s no one right answer, but Grammar Chic generally recommends that our clients opt for once or twice monthly.

2. Get the timing right.

Exactly when should you send out marketing emails? The day of the week and the hour of the day matter. Experiment with different times, track the data, and try to arrive at a sweet spot for email opens.

3. Get the layout right.

Hopefully, you’re working with an email marketing platform that makes it easy for you to optimize for mobile. Also be sure you choose a layout that’s easy to skim and to read, and where links and calls-to-action are plainly evident.

4. Get the segmentation right.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to divide your email subscriber list into multiple groups, allowing you to more carefully hone your content to match your audience. You may have a list for leads and another for returning customers. Or, you may have different lists to match your varied services.

5. Get the subject right.

The subject line is arguably the most important part of your entire email, because without a good subject line, the rest of it is just going into the trash can. Good subject lines are never misleading; they convey the contents of the email through a clear value statement or a provocative question. And oh yeah: You’ll want to keep them brief!

6. Get the content right.

If you want people to engage with your marketing emails, you’ll need to offer them something of value. This might mean rounding up recent blog posts and videos, providing breaking company news, or even providing subscribers with special offers, discounts, and coupon codes.

With the right approach, your marketing emails can help improve your bottom line, and produce significant ROI.

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