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// AI APP/ Portal Design + Development + Automation

Design and build your dream project from custom app, portal marketplace, artificial intelligence solutions to automation.

// AI Rank Optimization

Would you like to attract more visitors to your website or video channel? Visitors who are specifically looking for your product or service? Then you need to increase your rankings in the search engine results eg. Google. AI Rank Optimization increases the number of relevant inbound links to your website using Proprietary AI Ranking Algorithm, to improve your authority and be ranked appropriately.

// AI Promoter

Keep your customer coming back, build longer lasting relationship while building sales leveraging our Proprietary AI Marketing Machine.

// AI Robot

AI Robot provides organizations with the ability to reduce costs and human error by automating business processes intelligently via Artificial Intelligence robotic and drone technologies.

// AI Defense

Our Artificial Intelligence pairs with intelligent security to proactively protect your system from cyberthreats and intrusions. AI Defense protects, prevents and empowering you to respond as and when needed most.

// AI Telemedicine/ Teleconsultation

Providing your professional services remotely and conveniently are increasingly critical. More so during this pandemic period, you now can offer your services borderless.

// AI Virtual Assistant

The AI Virtual Assistant that solves customer problems the first time be it related to sales, customer service or technical issues. Using AI, Virtual Assistant learns from customer conversations, improving its ability to resolve issues the first time while removing the frustration of long wait times, tedious searches and unhelpful communications.

// AI Discovery

Discover what your customers, competitions and industry specific information with our AI discovery platform.