Semrush’s Top 100 Influencers in Content Marketing [2022]

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The world of content marketing is, inevitably, a loud place to be. It can be hard to discover the right community for you.

This list of the top 100 content marketing influencers and experts to follow in 2022 is a true digital goldmine of insight, resources, information, and brilliant people. Their specialisms range from SEO to digital branding, storytelling to community building. 

Take some time and explore the who’s who of content right here and interact with them to find your own circle. 

Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers and Experts

Number 1 in our list Ann Handley does it all: A Wall Street Journal bestselling author, keynote speaker and a digital marketing and content expert. She is also Head of Content at MarketingProfs, a marketing education and training company she founded nearly 20 years ago. 

Incredibly, Ann was the first ever Chief Content Officer. What better person to follow to stay on the cutting edge of content, SEO and digital marketing?

Founder of ​​The Content Advisory, Robert is an author, keynote speaker, and all-round authority in marketing. For more than 20 years, he’s been focused on storytelling in marketing and has worked with brands like Adidas, Facebook, Capital One, and Microsoft. A must follow if you want to understand the future of content and marketing.

Andy co-founded Orbit Media over 2 decades ago, where he is Chief Marketing Officer. He has grown in his career as a speaker, content marketer, and author of Content Chemistry. With great marketing instincts, he’s got a lot to say about SEO, analytics, and website optimization.

For 15 years, Joanna has been writing top-level conversion copy. She is the founder of Copyhackers and head of copy at their agency. Working with brands and companies like BT, Canva, Glowforge, Intuit, MetaLab, Prezi, her insights and advice on copywriting, marketing and conversions are second to none. 

Tech influencer Lilach helps small business owners like coaches and solopreneurs find their pathway to growth. As the founder of Lilach Bullock Limited, she talks about mindset, business, marketing, and success. 

Mindset, Business Content marketing

Joe is the founder of The Tilt and co-founder of Creator Economy Expo events. But perhaps most notably for this list, he is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), one of the leading media companies in the field. Follow him for the latest on the creator economy and content marketing.

Ross is the CEO of Foundation, a B2B agency specialized in content marketing. He also co-founded

Hustle & Grind. He has a significant online following – and you’ll often find Ross tweeting about SaaS, marketing and growth 

Content Marketing Strategist and author Ardath is also the CEO of Marketing Strategist. She works in the B2B space and uses storytelling to resonate with business buyers and drive sales. She talks about content, buyer insights and buyer experiences.

Neal is a fractional CMO author of The Age of Influence. He works with brands to help them grow through data-driven marketing. His primary focus is on social media, influencer marketing, social selling as well as the digital transformation of sales and marketing.

Michael is the Content Marketing Agency CEO at Marketing Insider Group. He promotes content marketing and shares B2B marketing advice with his audience. A former VP at SAP, Michael is also the best-selling author of Mean People Suck.

With a decade of experience under her belt, Ashley is an International Speaker and co-founder and Vice President of Operations at Top Hat Rank. She speaks on the topics of social media and content marketing, and is a regular contributor to publications like Search Engine Journal

Not only is Mark a keynote speaker, marketing strategist and university educator, but he’s also a best-selling author of 9 books. He works as the Executive Director at Schaefer Marketing Solutions, where he guides brands to success with marketing strategy. 


Vanhishikha is a B2B SaaS Growth expert and the and Founder Contensify. She also works as a Content Marketer Shopify and is a real expert in eCommerce and SaaS. She’ll let you into the world of storytelling and content strategy. 

Heidi is the CMO of Actionable Marketing Guide and President of Riverside Marketing Strategies, where she helps brands with omni-channel and digital marketing strategy. With more than 2 decades in the industry, she’s worked with Fortune 100 companies, startups, private equity and non-profits. 

Brian is the CEO of Rainmaker Digital and the founder of Copyblogger and other initiatives. His blog and podcast series Unemployable are aimed at helping freelancers discover what he describes as the “personal enterprise” approach to getting more clients. 

Liraz is the co-CEO and co-founder at LiLi Marketing Services. She is a leader in the B2B and content marketing space. An educator at IDC Herzliya, she also shares her knowledge of SEO, Social Media, Market Research, and other connected areas. 

Jay is the founder of Convince & Convert, where he acts as a marketing and customer experience expert. He is also an author, 6 times over and has had 5 multi-million dollar businesses to his name. A natural speaker, Jay also hosts several podcasts, including Social Pros, Standing Ovation, and Talk Triggers.

Nathan is the Director of Content at FastSpring and the host of The Content Marketing Lounge Facebook group. He talks about getting started in marketing and building communities. He also shares top advice for freelancers hoping to learn more and up their game.

Crystal is the Head of SEO Communications at Wix. Follow her for marketing leadership, SEO expertise, awesome live streams and top content tips. 

Adrienne is the founder of Best Buyer Persona with a background in content marketing with companies like Stripe and Headspin. She works as a fractional content director and researcher, helping B2B SaaS and tech companies create buyer personas that reflect their target customers accurately. 

Judith is the founder of Decabbit Consultancy, where she offers marketing training, and integrates social, search, and content channels. You can also find Judith speaking at conferences around the world or acting as an ambassador for the Search Awards. 

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Fernando is the Influencer Lead at Semrush and a global speaker. Not only is he a great presenter, he’s also a teacher, helping his audience learn content strategy and digital marketing. Follow him for cutting edge marketing developments and thought leadership.

Amit is the Co-Founder of Blood Monk, a healthcare startup. He’s also a digital marketing pro and a TEDx speaker and mentor at GUSECIndia. With over a decade in marketing, he talks about SEO, SMM, and reputation management.

Melanie is the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at The Convoy. She’s also a successful author and speaker: Her main focus is storytelling, the subject of her book ‘The Content Fuel Framework’, which helps readers generate ideas for their content marketing. 

Casie is the Senior Director of Digital at KoMarketing and is also a well-regarded speaker, writer, and marketer. A self-described “SEO fanatic”, she mostly works in the B2B space. You’ll often find her sharing her ideas on social media, copywriting, marketing communications, and online marketing strategy, among other related topics. 

Jeff is the founder of and host of the famous “Jeff Bullas Show Podcast.” He is keen to educate and inspire people with his content. He helps people create in a way that makes them feel fulfilled and happy. 

Carla is an Innovation Architect at RE:Think Labs. She is also a renowned keynote speaker and author of 10 books. She dives into storytelling, creativity and content that leads to innovation. She bases much of what she teaches on her experience working with Fortune 500 brands over the years. 

Mike is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse. He is also a successful author and recognized blogger. He will teach you all about networking, social media marketing, and strategic partnerships.

Purna is the Senior Content Solutions Evangelist LinkedIn, formerly working at Microsoft.

She is also an influential speaker and writer, offering her expertise in Content Marketing, Advertising and DigitalMarketing.

Erika is the founder of Erika Heald Consulting and host of the popular Twitter ContentChat. With more than 20 years’ experience, she aims to give organizations the tools to run content strategies. She primarily talks about content and social media marketing strategy and execution and marketing best practices.

Kaleigh is a freelance writer and consultant for retail tech with bylines in Forbes, VogueBusiness and Adweek, among others. She has her finger on the pulse of blogging and content trends, research, and reporting. 

Content marketing, Research, Retail

Jonathan is the CEO at Growth Hackers. He aims to help companies achieve repeatable, scalable growth through marketing, lead generation, and sales. Jonathan speaks on the topics of business, marketing, growth hacking, content marketing, and more.

Brittany describes herself as a content marketing DJ, because she specializes in helping marketers remix their content – which reduces stress and takes less time and resources. She is also the founder of

WorkBrighter, where she promotes neurodivergent productivity.

Ross is the founder and CEO of Siege Media, a content marketing agency that’s served brands like Intuit, Zillow, Casper, TripAdvisor, among others. He talks about content, digital marketing, and SEO, providing followers with unmissable insights into these areas. 

Christopher is the Director of Content Strategy at Voxpopme. He is also a top presenter and host of Christopher’s Content Corner, a Business Storytelling Podcast. He works as a strategist and content director and talks about live streaming, content marketing, customer journeys, and experience.

Shama has nearly 15 years’ experience as the CEO and founder of Zen Media. She is also a bestselling author and keynote speaker. In fact, ReadWriteWeb hails her as one of the world’s top 10 keynote speakers. She shares her considerable knowledge on the topics of technology, marketing, public relations and working in the B2B space. 

Shane is a digital strategist and a brand and influencer consultant. He also works at UCLA as an instructor. He specializes in product launches, content marketing, sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. His work with Fortune 500 companies and A-listers sets him apart. 

Director of Digital Strategy 

at Ricketyroo, Amanda Jordan is an expert in all things SEO. Follow her for insight into local SEO and search and content marketing advice.

Donna is an International Keynote Speaker focusing on tourism. She is also the founder of Socially Sorted, where she primarily works as a visual social media and content strategist. Her thought leadership focuses on DIY design and content creation on Canva.

Design, Canva, Content Marketing

Gerry is the founder and principal of Marketingthink Consulting, with professional ties to HBO, IKEA, Cognizant, among others. His groundbreaking work in social media makes him well worth watching. He talks about marketing operations leadership, content marketing and innovation. 

Dale is the Founder and President Fire&Spark. He’s a business coach and top keynote speaker, appearing at several marketing conferences each year. His pre-eminent knowledge of SEO and content marketing practices has led him to train executives from Fortune 500 companies. 

Adam has also been named a Buzzsumo top 50 content marketer – and it’s no surprise. He is the founder of both BloggingWizard and the renowned StartupBonsai. Follow for top blogging tips, startup content and marketing advice. 

Henneke describes herself as an “Irreverent writer on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook” – which, in the world of marketing, is certainly an admirable mission. She’s written two highly-rated books and contributes to a number of leading publications.

Mic is the founder and CEO of iPullRankAgency. He works as a consultant to Fortune 500 brands. A keen marketing technologist, he is also a well-regarded keynote speaker. He was named 2020 Search Marketer of the Year by Search Engine Land. 

Founder of Backlinkio and Co-founder of Exploding Topics, Brian Dean has a blog reaching over 5 million people every year. His success in SEO and digital business makes him a must-follow for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, content, and digital marketing. 

Mike is the owner of Owner Bootstrap Business, a publication that features more than 10,000 articles by 500 authors from over 50 countries. It focuses on marketing, media, money, management, and motivation. He also runs Best Blogger Outreach. He shares his insights on marketing, outreach and other related topics. 

Conversion copywriter and web consultant Gill Andrews shares a wealth of digital marketing and copywriting knowledge on her social media channels. In her work, she helps brands and entrepreneurs improve their website performance and increase qualified leads. 

Amanda is the VP of Marketing at SparkToro. You can follow her tweets on Creativity and marketing, for lots of ideas, insights and know-how. 

Linda is the Founder and CEO of DeltalogiX, a blog centered on knowledge translation for business leaders. She is a digital creator focused on innovation, sustainability and empowering women. She shares updates on all of the above as well as on SEO content creation. 

Lee is the CEO at TopRank, a B2B marketing agency that provides content, SEO and influencer marketing solutions for global B2B tech brands. Lee is also an active public speaker, sharing his knowledge of B2B content marketing and SEO in keynotes and workshops around the world.


An expert in the field of B2B SaaS, Eithiriel DeMeré helps startups with growth marketing and scalable customer development. They’re also a mentor at Growth Mentor, where they share their expertise with other marketing professionals. They recently founded The Product Launch Mastermind.


Pam Didner is the founder of Relentless Pursuit. She’s a passionate B2B marketer, speaker, writer, and podcaster who has made it her mission to help sales and marketing teams work efficiently. She’s published three books, and shares her insights on digital marketing and content strategy regularly on Twitter. 

Julia is a Business Content Strategist at The Content Hacker™. She’s an expert content marketer, author, and entrepreneur. She teaches creative entrepreneurs how to define their ideas and achieve a product-market fit. She also runs a coaching program, the Content Transformation System. 

Janet is the founder of ATC Digital Academy and Sparks Corporate Consulting. She’s very active on Twitter, where she runs Africa Tweet Chat, an initiative designed to help African business owners expand marketing possibilities inside and outside Africa.

Aaron Orendorff is the VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective, an ecommerce growth agency. In the past, he was Editor-in-Chief of Shopify Plus as well as the Global Deputy Editor at Intuit QuickBooks. Aaron is featured in many top global publications and speaks on SEO and business growth.

Carmen is the Principal Strategist and Writer at Chill Content. She’s also a strategic storyteller and content marketer with more than 2 decades of experience. She’s widely recognized in the industry, and was the Content Marketing World Speaker from 2018–2022, the Content Marketing Institute 2018 CMWorld Community Champion and a judge at the CM World Content Marketing Awards. 

Kelly is the Director of Digital Transformation Strategy and Services at Sunstar Global and is a leader in marketing technology, cultural change, and team building. She is also the co-founder of Women in Digital Switzerland, which boasts a community of more than 6,000 people. She talks about community building and digital marketing.

Martin is the CEO at The Inky Squid Content Agency, a company that provides digital content and social media services for numerous magazines and websites. In his posts, he dives into technology and content creation. 

Pratik is the founder of Growfusely, a content marketing agency that delivers content & data-driven SEO. He specializes in content strategy, creation, and distribution. He shares posts on SEO and creation of content that ranks organically.

Chima is a Content Strategist and SEO Copywriter at Zenith Copy. She works with SaaS companies and companies of all sizes to help them rank for their target keywords and drive qualified leads. Her updates focus on content writing and strategy. 

Maddy is an author and the proprietor of her own content marketing roundup newsletter. She is also the founder of The Blogsmith, an SEO content marketing agency. Don’t miss her insights into SEO and content strategy and updates on marketing, social media, promotions, advertising, personal selling, and other connected disciplines. 

Himani is the Founder

Missive Digital and best known as a Content Strategist, Digital & eCommerce specialist and Speaker at events like Brighton SEO. 

Tom is both an author and the CEO of Stratabeat, where he helps B2B companies grow through marketing strategy, branding, web design, SEO, content development, content marketing, and other services. He talks about SEO and content strategy. 

Masooma is a Freelance writer for SaaS companies in the business to business space. She works with brands such as CoSchedule, Databox and Vimeo. She also runs a weekly content workshop on LinkedIn, sharing what great content is made of. 

A. Lee is the Co-Founder and CMO of Content Monsta, a Marketing Content Production Agency. He works in the areas of Marketing, Technology, and Sales – in both B2B and B2C. He shares his expertise in branding, content strategy, and content creation. 

John Rampton has the impressive track record of having grown 4 unicorns over the past 10 years. He generated $240 Million in Online Sales in 2021 alone. He writes about his successes and failures and covers business growth, SEO, Content Strategy, Marketing, and more. 

Jeff Specializes in thought leadership, networking and is a recognized speaker. He principally talks about LinkedIn, the metaverse, and personal branding.

Jean is the Head of Marketing at africon GmbH. It’s her mission to help creators and freelancers professionals approach their business online in a creative and profitable way. 

Kameron is the Content Marketing Lead at the top eCommerce platform, Shopify. She previously worked at Moz and Botify, where she grew organic search traffic by 211%, and first page rankings for strategic keywords by 277%. She mostly talks about content, SEO, and marketing.

Rachel is a global influencer in marketing, social media, and content marketing strategy. She specializes in influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Strategy, Content Marketing, Community Management, Business Development, and other related areas. 

Pam is both a CMO and CEO with 25 years’ experience working with gold-standard brands around the world. She’s a Forbes Top #5 Social Power Influencer and is currently leading the digital transformation of The Pacific Institute. As CEO and co-founder of Marketing Nutz, she offers digital, brand storytelling, training, and consulting agency.

Anthony has over 15 years’ experience in leadership roles. As the founder of Gaenzle Marketing, he works on building websites, editorial strategies, social media campaigns – and more.

Alina has an impressive track record, securing $43 million in ARR over 3 years at Nextiva through organic SEO. She’s also a leader in content and off-page SEO, conversion copywriting, content ops, and management.

Jean-Luc is the Director of Content and Communication at France Num and an expert in social selling. He specializes in the strategy behind growing a strong online presence strategy and has been a trainer in digital practices for more than 20 years.

Gaurav has 10 years’ experience working in the Digital Marketing space as a consultant, brand strategist, and conversion expert. When it comes to social media, Gaurav leads the conversation. 

Ross is a brand development consultant, positioning expert, and strategist, sharing insights into customer experience, Tech, Marketing, Social, and Sales.

Michael is the CMO at MailMyStatements. He is an experienced and energetic leader and strategist, specializing in content marketing. A top storyteller, he uses his skills to connect brands with their clients. 

CEO and Co-Founder of Smart Simple Marketing, Sydni helps marketing professionals gain market share and drive engagement. Her communications consultancy has won awards for their work with brands in retail, tech and financial services. A skilled content marketing strategist, she is also passionate about sharing her knowledge, and since 2006 she has delivered over 400 classes, webinars and workshops. 

Carolyn works with NetSuite and Search Hermit. She works alongside women-owned businesses to improve their online visibility and build their online presence.


Jessica offers expert insights into content marketing and strategy. She specializes in leadership, mentorship, public speaking, search engine optimization (SEO), and many other related disciplines. 


Raul Tiru is a growth marketer, helping people and companies turn leads into clients. He’s the founder of Global Owls, a company that helps social impact organizations with their marketing needs. He shares his insights on Twitter and Medium, where he writes about storytelling and creating memorable content that connects with your audience. 

Moss works with B2B SaaS brands, helping several startups grow their online presence with SEO-friendly content that drives organic traffic. Using his expertise in digital marketing, he helps subject matter experts (SMEs) to build their online reputation, and his Twitter feed is full of tips and insights on SEO, content marketing, and writing. 

Alex is the Co-founder of Omniscient Digital, a content marketing agency. He has a background working with HubSpot and CXL. He writes at and shares his thoughts on content strategy, growth, and data on his social channels.


Ben is the CMO of SBA Compta and an expert in the world of inbound marketing. He shares tips about growth hacking, social media, and content marketing.

Rejoice is an experienced SEO Manager who understands the link between natural search, paid search and all types of great content. She cofounded B-DigitalUK, a digital marketing community aimed at Black people. Follow her on Twitter where she shares insightful analyses and creative thinking!

Adriana is an expert digital marketer, writer, and the owner of Copywritech_net and Idunn pro. She gives insights into SEO, marketing, copywriting and social media.

Juntae is the Chief Strategist at Digital Delane and Founder of the Digital Branding Institute, helping organizations and people establish a digital identity, and grow their visibility.

Bernie works as the V.P. of Global Content Marketing iQor and the Host of the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast. 


Michelle Ngome is an award-winning inclusive marketing consultant. As the founder of Line 25 Consulting, she trains and consults with organizations on how to create diverse and inclusive marketing strategies. She is the recipient of the Courageous Marketing Leader and Houston Business Journal’s Diversity in Business awards with her efforts creating the African American Marketing Association (AAMA). Her contributions have been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, eMarketer, PR News, and Forbes. You can listen to her marketing insights on the Marketing For the Culture podcast.

Pam is a Forbes Top 25 Social Media Influencer and Marketing Director at Hyperdrive Agile and Principal at Hughes Media.


Zen is the CEO of ZenSocial and a digital marketing influencer with a niche in the fields of Technology, Cybersecurity, and AI.


With 25 years of marketing experience, Meghan helps businesses identify the right content to publish online to attract more leads and buyers. She is also the co-host of the fabulous The Messy Desk Podcast.


Rosemary is a long-form content writer with four years extensive background in all forms of online and print media. Her Twitter feeds is full of tips to help freelancers build their business and get clients. She writes about businesses, family, society and relationships and she’s an expert on community building and strategy. 

Community Building


SEO Strategist + content creator Tamara runs her own agency, Baydian Girl, where she works with small, female-owned businesses boost their digital presence and attract more clients. Her mission? To inspire ambitious women of color to live a full life and pursue their version of success, both online and offline! 

Kathryn is the Managing Director of a content marketing agency – Copy House. Her work lies in the fields of technology and FinTech. She shares her thoughts and experience on content marketing and company culture.

Greg is the CEO of Stryde, an ecommerce marketing agency that partners with forward-thinking ecommerce companies and large retailers to increase website traffic and drive revenue growth. Greg has been immersed in the digital marketing landscape for over a decade, and specializes in e-commerce marketing, content marketing and SEO, along with social media marketing and web analytics. 

Alongside his agency work, Greg also provides one to one business growth and marketing coaching for e-commerce startups who want greatest visibility. 

Andra focuses on content marketing for cybersecurity companies and is the affable host of the Cyber Empathy podcast.


Alberto runs a Youtube content academy, where he uploads tutorials on all aspects of content strategy and creation, from using WordPress for blogs and newsletters, to creating videos with Twitch. He also interviews other content experts on his channel. 

Lisa is the Director of Global Social Media at Oracle, sharing insightful content related to marketing. She’s also a top blogger, speaker, and enjoys photography.

Jason is the cofounder of Avaris, a content marketing agency that specialises in SEO, copywriting and conversation rate optimization. He’s an expert in marketing strategy development and market research, and shares his insights on the Avaris company blog. 

How We Built This List 

We analyzed all the Twitter posts that used the hashtag #ContentMarketing in the course of 2021. We looked at followers, likes, replies, and the number of tweets about content marketing. We also examined the quality of content, frequency of posting, and presence on other platforms.

Then, using our insider industry knowledge, we undertook a lot of manual research to identify the key content marketing experts. 

Finally, we looked at each individual influencer’s expertise, experience, and thought leadership, before selecting our top 100 content marketing influencers for you to follow, learn from and collaborate with. 

Note that below our top ten, the list is randomized and not hierarchical in any way. Each person has something incredible to bring to the table and we hope you enjoy their content and ideas. 

The State of Content Marketing Report

Now you have all the people you could possibly want to follow, you should also check out this year’s hottest content marketing trends and find out how to create top-performing content for your business. All inside the Semrush State of Content Marketing Report 2022.

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