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Salesforce Unveils Service, Marketing Cloud Enhancements Driven By AI

by Ray Schultz , April 6, 2022

Salesforce has debuted new features to its Service and Marketing Cloud platforms that it says can humanize the customer experience. Included is an enhancement that allows brands to shift from email open rates as a metric.

The changes are driven by a growing demand for better customer service.  

“Seventy-six percent of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs, yet only 34% feel like companies actually treat them as individuals,” says Lidiane Jones, executive vice president & general manager, Salesforce Digital Experiences. “Any company not investing in this area is putting their entire business at risk.” 

The new improvements include the following.

For the Service Cloud, AWS Contact Lens provides conversational transcription of phone calls, real-time sentiment analysis, supervisor alerts to deliver agent coaching and full-text search on call transcripts, powered by machine learning. 

New Service Cloud partners Google Cloud and Genesys, will provide brands with more choice in how they use Service Cloud Voice, while supporting AI-powered recommendations and automated workflows for their teams.  

For Field Service, The Salesforce mobile platform can connect teams on the frontline with their headquarters, and with other subject matter experts in the field and customers.

The new Multi-level Offline Briefcase can serve necessary records, whether online or offline. 

Visual Remote Assistant allows customers to schedule and initiate a 1:1 virtual support session with augmented reality from their phone. 

For the Marketing Cloud, Streaming Insights and Data Actions allows marketers to capture near real-time data signals, such as new customer arrivals, recent product transactions and payment issues to trigger email campaigns and other workflow events.

Identity Resolution utilizes AI to match and merge disparate data for better customer identification. This technology can merge duplicated fields such as address, email and phone, and records with names that have multiple spellings or frequently shortened nickname.

Anonymous Profiles allow marketers to track profiles on customers when they are in the anonymous state and then connect that data to their profiles once they become known.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly known as Datorama, enables marketers to unify analytics and make use of AI insights. 

Intelligence Reports for Engagement can help marketers shift from email open rates in response to recent privacy changes.

Brands can evaluate email performance by device, client, OS, and browser and optimize new KPIs for conversions, clicks by link, bounce types, unsubscribes, complaints, and click event lag. 

One new tool allows email marketers to shift from using the open rate as a metric.

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