Paving begins at Swansea Mall property as ECRs with Walmart allows “Shoppes at Swansea” to begin marketing efforts

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With negotiations finalized with Walmart, plans are taking shape at the former Swansea Mall property.

According to one of the owners of the property, Dick Anagnost, the group has finalized negotiations with Walmart and the ECRs have been recorded allowing “Shoppes at Swansea” to begin their marketing efforts.

The infamous ring road that has been a cause of contention for many who have had to drive on it, has begun to be repaired and Anagnost told Fall River Reporter last month that he anticipates work will be completed in November.

According to a social media post today by Thomas Patrick of Brady Sullivan Properties, the timeline is even sooner.

“The day has arrived that we start laying down the asphalt to “The Shops at Swansea” previously known as the Swansea Mall. With countless hours of hard work from our team and contractors, the infrastructure upgrades around the site have been completed allowing for the asphalt to be installed. Please follow the detours that are posted at property entrances and pay attention to the signage as they will be changing depending on where we are paving. Please be patient with us in the next few weeks as there will be continuous paving (pending weather) every day. As sections are completed more areas will be opened up for traffic flow. We anticipate by the months end the entire property will be paved; parking lots, ring road and all entrances! NO MORE POTHOLES!!!!!”

New Pavement Layout

It was also recently revealed that Crunch Fitness will be a part of “Shoppes at Swansea” as they are expected to open in the coming weeks and have begun taking memberships.

In November of 2019, a Swansea bylaw was passed to place an overlay district over the commercial zoning of the property to allow Anagnost Companies the ability to build two 72-unit complexes to be part of a “Lifestyle Center”.

Anagnost had previously outlined the plan for the famous property in 2019.

According to Anagnost, the Lifestyle Center would create a synergy of components that would feed off of each other.

Component 1: Storage
• A 100,000 square foot facility at the Old Apex location with 800 climate-controlled storage units.

Component 2: Retail
• 110,000 square feet of retail
• Some former tenants along with some new ones would fill the space.
• There would be Medical, 3 restaurants, 7 retail spots, a fitness center, banking, education, and entertainment. It would turn what used to be an inside mall into an outside mall with entry from all outside locations.

Component 3: Housing
• (2) 72-unit housing complexes
• (16) 1 bedroom, (96) 2 bedroom, and (32) 3 bedroom.
• All market-rate housing.

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