Mobile marketing tactics – holiday season tips

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It doesn’t take much experience with eCommerce to learn that the holiday season is the eShops main time to shine. Regardless of what you are selling, you are likely to see increased interest and revenue from your customers. And to make full use of their holiday spending spirit, you need to set up your marketing properly. So, let’s take a look at a couple of mobile marketing strategy tips and how to make full use of them during this winter.

Mobile marketing strategy

The reason why we will focus on mobile marketing is that it is closely related to eCommerce. While exact estimates vary, you can safely say that over 60% of ongoing sales are done through mobile platforms. Therefore, it should come as much of a surprise that StorifyMe paired up with Shopify. As things are going, it is reasonable to assume that mobile platforms will only become more important as time goes on. So, if you plan on tackling eCommerce with any amount of success, you need to address mobile marketing with due care.

Make full use of personalization

If you take a close look at modern marketing, you’ll have a hard time finding an aspect that doesn’t entail personalization. Perhaps SEO management is still based on targeting your audience as a whole. But, everything, from customer management to e-mails entail a high degree of personalization.

Mobile marketing is especially reliant on personalization. From personalized offers based on previous purchases made by the customers. To personalized messages based on information that you have. The more you can personalize your marketing, the more effective it is going to be.

Free up your customer management team

If your customer management team is spending the holiday season answering FAQ questions or resolving common issues, you are doing something wrong. Yes, both of these do fall under customer service. But, if you want your team to actually bring revenue to your company, you need to help them automate customer management.

A mistake that a lot of companies make is that they misuse their customer service team. Instead, of having them research customers and build relationships, they spend their time solving simple problems. So, do yourself a huge favour, and work on automating your customer support. Outline the most common problems, and see if there is an easy way to explain to your customers how to fix them. Even a simple FAQ page can do you a world of good. By making one you will free up your customer management team to integrate their efforts with the sales team and ensure that the holiday season goes smoothly.

Use storytelling for promotions

There are many ways to market your company during holidays. You can primarily focus on social media and try to incorporate interactive content. Or you can send emails to revitalize your prior customers. But, the one thing you shouldn’t do is to wish everyone happy holidays and go back to standard marketing.

We’ve already covered how powerful storytelling is for marketing, and why it is safe to assume that it will be the norm for the future. And, as every good storyteller knows, emotions are just as important as the story you are telling. During the holiday season, we are surrounded by standard holiday motives of family, love, happiness, warmth… So, if you want your story content to be effective, you need to connect it to the ongoing holidays. Whatever promotion you have planned, we strongly suggest that you connect it to the ongoing holidays and make them twice as effective.

Highlight offers with good visual marketing

While you may be able to rely on written content when it comes to standard platforms, you can hardly hope that a mobile user will spend the time necessary to read blog posts. Every experienced eCommerce store knows how important this period is, and how much revenue they can get if they market themselves properly. So, you can safely assume that your customers are bombarded with marketing material, left and right.

Our advice for creating noticeable content is to focus more on visual marketing, and less on written content. Mobile devices, as a whole, tend to be better suited for visual content. After all, it is much easier to appreciate a well-made image on your phone, than to read a blog post. Images, animations, short videos, infographics… All of these can and should be a part of your online marketing strategy.

The main trick here will be to integrate holiday motifs with your visual content. If done properly, you will maintain the holiday spirit, while seamlessly promoting your brand. This, as you can imagine, requires a bit of expert knowledge.  So, you may need to hire a more experienced professional to help you with design. But, all things considered, it will be well worth your time and money.

Final thoughts

While there are different way to apply a mobile marketing strategy, there is one aspect that you need to keep in mind. Namely, you need to take the time to find a natural way to connect your brand to the holiday season. Most brands out there will do a half-hazard job where they insert holiday motifs into their marketing. While this is better than simply using regular content, it shouldn’t be the end-all of your holiday season marketing. Good companies take their time in seeing what the current marketing trends are. And they also pay much attention to what their target audience is interested in. So, don’t ignore the fact that just because it is the holiday season, we aren’t also affected by Covid-19 or by various others factors. The better you can incorporate all the ongoing cultural factors into your marketing, the more effective it is going to be.

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