Marketing agencies hire AI “interns”

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Instead of hiring human interns, Codeword — a tech-marketing agency within WE Communications — is leaning on artificial intelligence technology to complete menial yet necessary tasks.

Why it matters: As the economy tightens, more industries are beginning to capitalize on tools like ChatGPT and AI image generators like Dall-E 2 in place of living, breathing talent.

Details: The “interns” are technically digital software models that created their own images and named themselves Aiko and Aiden. The pair will work on graphic designs, do research and generate editorial content.

  • Codeword will use the AI “interns” to support its editorial and design teams, and in return, the interns will share their experiences through the company blog and social media.

What they’re saying: “It’s an opportunity to streamline internal processes by eliminating necessary but mind-numbing and time-consuming tasks — or at least to pass them off onto emotionless interns who can’t get bored,” says Codeword senior editor Terrence Doyle.

  • Yes, but: “I’m a former freelance journalist, and I do a lot of ghostwriting for Codeword’s clients, so I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t sort of terrified by the creative — or, rather, ruthlessly productive — capacity of AI,” adds Doyle.

Zoom out: This AI technology can produce the same level of quality work that an inexperienced employee might deliver, say Richard Bowman and David Boyle — authors of the new book, “Prompt: A practical guide to AI-powered brand growth with ChatGPT.”

  • “Is it always right and perfectly insightful? Certainly not … [but] ChatGPT is able to perform certain tasks for free that are currently requiring a person” who earns more than $60,000 a year. “And it can do in five minutes what would take someone at least a day to do. That’s remarkable … and that’s just a start.”

The bottom line: As gimmicky as it seems, Codeword might be on to something — especially as these AI tools are tested more and become trusted and mainstream.

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