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Despite being one of the hottest apps on the planet, not every business has mastered the power and reach of TikTok ads for boosting engagement and sales. Making your brand accessible and known on social media is a fast, inexpensive way to grow engagement with a very large and relevant audience. But how?

First, follow some key best practices brands to boost TikTok video ad engagement:

Recognize that the world’s fastest-growing social platform practically requires you to have good quality lifestyle videos if you hope to stand out. And once you have that starting point, growth will only happen when you are real, human and engaging. That is the key to building deeper relationships between a brand and their target audience.”

Second, stay on top what’s important to TikTok’s users. Keeping up with latest trends is important. Tap into TikTok’s fun side with new and emerging video trends driving growth in today’s global market. While the list is likely to change in the future, here are the looks and styles drawing the most attention from TikTok users right now:

In the spirit of trends, awareness and use of the popular hashtags within the TikTok community can help brands create better engagement with their audience. Here are some of the most popular hashtags, according to August 2022 research from TikTok Discover:

Third, don’t worry about being a sellout! TikTok is the one place where it’s actually ok to be a sellout. For example, the #tiktokmademebuyit trend began during the pandemic and continues to soar by gratifying consumers’ hunger for popular products and paving their path to purchase.

According to TikTok Marketing Science US,

While specific trends may come and go, . In fact, consumers continue to turn to online content creators for advice on various products and services, including financial advice on investing, managing credit and creating budgets. Even if you haven’t mastered the platform quite yet, your brand can make a real splash on TikTok by earning the trust and incurring favor of the influencer crowd.

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