“Let’s Mount Nelson Together,” happy mistake or marketing blunder?

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Whether you’re a frequent traveller or a local, you’ve likely heard of the iconic hotel that is known as Mount Nelson. Nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s city landscape, the hotel has been home to famous faces such as Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Billy Joel and Charlize Theron.

But it’s not the hotel’s incredible repertoire of A-list guests that has the internet talking, but rather, a marketing campaign that has social media users enjoying a little giggle.

The historic hotel has a new slogan on its website which proclaims: “Let’s Mount Nelson Together.”

Now, depending on how you look at it (images included), you may feel as though the Nellie’s new proclamation may be a little…. sexual.

Oh dear…who’s gonna tell the Mount Nelson hotel that their catchy slogan wasn’t thought out properly 😂. pic.twitter.com/K7aeVgqPFT

— Daddy (@LifeisSavage) August 12, 2022

“If that’s Nelson, he looks quietly pleased at the prospect…” one user wrote of the image.

Here to Mount Nelson only, thanks. 😂💗 #MountNelson #LetsMountNelsonTogether https://t.co/NAXUihPVQc pic.twitter.com/tuK19kSlxu

— Olwethu-Thando Klaas (@Lady_Crunk) August 12, 2022

#MountNelson, wow! Ok! That escalated. But you’re gonna need to send a pic of Nelson first. pic.twitter.com/Uyu40kPw1O

— Thulane “Toolz” Hadebe (@YesItsMeToolz) August 12, 2022

A happy mistake or a clever marketing campaign?

If marketing is meant to get people talking, it’s fair to say that people are definitely talking about the Mount Nelson. #letsmountnelsontogether quickly popped up on Twitter with users giving their thoughts on the “blunder,” with many noting that it’s definitely something that was done on purpose.

Pretty sure they knew what they were doing 😉

— Robyn 🧭 (@clarkformaths) August 12, 2022

I think it was intentional! Look at them being risqué!

— Sshh🤫nelle (@MissCoco_SA) August 12, 2022

They know their target market.

— bath fart (@alouderolauda) August 12, 2022

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Picture: The Mount Nelson

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