Kid Gets Cops Called on Him for His Genius Marketing Skills

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An Average Joe Working Man Boy had “The Man” come down on him all for trying to make a few bucks. What? A guy can’t make a living anymore? This isn’t America? It was a hot summer day in Utah and an 11-year-old named Seth was selling some refreshments in his neighborhood – root beer, to be specific.

Seth isn’t just a cute kid trying to make enough money to save up for a PS4 game though. He’s a savvy marketer. He figured no one would care about a sign that said “Root Beer For Sale” so instead he crafted a sign that read, “Ice Cold Beer,” with “root” written in small letters that no one would see.

Concerned neighborhood residents who saw the sign and took it at face value called the Brigam City Police Department on Seth multiple times. That sounds absurd until you realize that this is Utah, where milk is the equivalent of beer, root beer is the equivalent of tequila, and drinking an actual beer is the equivalent of a cocaine fueled hooker orgy.

Fortunately when the police finally showed up they took one look at Seth’s clever sign, had a good laugh, and bought copious amounts of root beer from him.

If this stunt is any indication then Seth here has a hell of a future in advertising. Hopefully, though, he realizes that he can only pull off a stunt like this as an adorable child. If a bar had that sign and I walked in needing an ice cold actual beer to relieve some stress but, when I ordered a beer, the bartender smiled and was like, “Ahhhhh! Look closer at the sign! We actually sell root beer.” I’d burn that bar to the damn ground with everyone inside. Then I’d go drink twenty actual beers and come back to piss on the ashes.

But what Seth did is great though. Nicely done kid.

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