How Podcasting is a Good Marketing Tool

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50% of the United States population listened to a podcast episode in their lifetime. In the modern era of digital storytelling, podcasting has topped the charts as one of the most popular streaming tools on the market.

There are over 2 million podcasts as of October 2021, and the numbers only seem to be on the increase! They’re multiplying by the masses.

Podcasts come in various types, styles, genres, and tropes. Indeed, there is a podcast for every form of the listener in terms of interest. Whether marketing, true crime, dating advice, or cooking, the odds are truly endless.

However, it is underutilized and overlooked as a powerhouse of a marketing tool that podcasting can be, and here is why.

1. Listener Productivity

We all know that in the peek pandemic time, people wanted to find a way to pass their time that didn’t solely rely on Netflix or other streaming services that took up screentime and prevented being productive. Podcasts require far less attention from users to interact with because the idea of a podcast is to be heard. This was, and still is, the biggest drive for listeners to tune into a podcast while doing daily life chores and activities. Listener productivity makes podcasts ideal for busy individuals or someone who wants their eyes off the screen.

2. Build a Loyal Audience

What makes podcasts stand out drastically from other forms of marketing and content creation is that it allows brands to communicate directly to a captive audience. A podcast with a specific niche for their audience can immediately tackle their target audience with their content while creating bonds all in one. Typically, an audience of a podcast is a loyal one; creating that audience for a brand can be seamless if you know your niche and audience, and it is much easier to reach users than other forms of marketing and branding.

3. Originality

Compared to other forms of social media marketing, the competition is far lower in the podcast realm. Facebook has billions of business pages to push out content and drive-up engagement in different platforms. In contrast, Podcasts are much slimmer in terms of quantity, even with over 2 million of them. Apple Podcasts is a highly ranked application on the Apple Store regarding users and content. Podcasts sore in finding a targeted niche audience compared to a Facebook Business Page for a brand.

4. Provide Value

Brands are always searching for their USP and what they provide to their customers and followers in marketing. It is the core of a business and what drives high engagement on social media pages. What does a service provide? How do customers benefit from being a part of this service? Podcasting makes this step easy as it always provides value to its audience.

Listeners are constantly engaged with their preferred podcast network, and it creates a sense of community, thus establishing an entire network of individuals for said brand.

Listeners of a podcast are constantly gaining new information and knowledge on topics based on discussion when tuning in to the latest episode of their favorite Podcast. It is a constant source of value to the audience.

5. Shareable

Several podcasting platforms allow for shows to be produced and pushed across streaming media. This makes the content easily sharable among communities and friends. Among other social media platforms where brands and businesses establish a following, podcast communities found within Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the most loyal to their favorite show compared to a business page.

6. SEO-Optimized   

Let’s say a business has an established Facebook or Instagram page and then decides to create a podcast to drive traffic to their pages or website. Well, it is possible and efficient!

Podcasts are community-driven, so creating a loyal following would then, in turn, boost website and page traffic. Podcasts typically have an internal transcript to describe an episode in notes or provide external links to platform pages. If utilized correctly, podcasting can provide remarkable SEO benefits.

Keyword management is often used with titles of the episodes or in the episode notes, typically in the episode’s transcript to have your episode and podcast show be searchable.

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Overall, podcasts are a much more creative and effective way of marketing. Podcasting creates a loyal community, produces valuable content for followers, and can drive traffic to a brand’s website or social pages. All while creating one-of-a-kind content that can target a particular niche.

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