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Headquarters: Toronto, Canada


We’re looking for project manager with experience managing digital marketing projects to help us document our processes from scratch and improve our processes. 
This is a contract position as the first 2-3 months will be intensive to set up processes and documentation. This is a part-time (about 20 hours a week) and remote position, but you must be able to work in Canada. Once the contract ends, there is an opportunity for this position to turn into a permanent role at about 5-10 hours a week.
What You’d Be Doing
  • Project Planning & Process Documenting
    • Work with the team to create and document all our processes (aka. playbooks).
      • Technical playbooks need to be granular step-by-steps.
      • Creative playbooks need to be flexible, explaining approaches and the thought-process behind examples.
    • Create a standardized project plan for each one of our packages.
      • Look for opportunities to streamline or automate processes, or create templates.
      • Review time sheets to estimate necessary time for each process.
      • Update Asana with our processes and estimated time allocations. 
    • Take initiative to keep processes and playbooks up to date.
      • Create processes that evolve with feedback. 
      • Lead end-of-project (retrospective) meetings and put the team’s feedback into action to improve our processes.
  • Project Management
    • Lead weekly meetings.
    • Be the center of communication for all client projects. Make sure clients and team members are kept up to date of project progress. Communicate regularly and proactively around changes in timing, costs or any issues.
    • Using Asana, assign tasks and set deadlines for other team members.
    • Ensure projects are completed on time, on budget (that is, within estimated hours) and within scope. Hold the team accountable for their responsibilities and deadlines.
    • Manage meetings – reduce the number of meetings, time spent in meetings and the flow in meetings.
  • Client Communication
    • Onboard new clients.
      • Set them up on Asana and Google Drive.
      • E-introduce client to the team.
      • Prepare the initial call.
    • Arrange meetings with client and relevant team members.
    • Send follow-up notes and emails to clients after meetings.
    • Lead client communication.
      • Be a buffer between the client’s and the team’s emotions.
      • For example, skillfully say “no” or set boundaries when a client is micromanaging or overasking. When a client gives dry feedback or is stressed, don’t pass on that energy to the team.
About You & Your Skills
  • Between 3 to 5 years of experience. You have an intermediate level of project management expertise, ideally in the marketing industry. Our projects are usually 6 months long and waterfall, and we use Asana as our go-to project management system. 
  • Good understanding of digital marketing and SEO. You don’t have to be a pro at technical SEO but you at least know what keywords are and you’re eager to learn more. We need to document all of our processes and some playbooks need to be highly-detailed so we need someone that is confident to get into it. 
  • Highly proactive and takes initiative. We want you to own our processes. Create playbooks so good that we could sell. Create processes so clear and streamlined that it makes your job super-easy later on. Jump on any opportunity you see to improve the processes or update playbooks.
  • Firm, calm and assertive. You’re not afraid to hold the team accountable to their responsibilities and deadlines, including leadership. You know when to push back when expectations are unrealistic. You know how to remain calm and organized under pressure or difficult moments. You’re not afraid of voicing your opinion or being “annoying” because the team’s success depends on your voice.
  • Open to learning and growth mindset. Technology and digital marketing are always changing and we’re a team of professionals that love to learn, grow and follow curiosity. You can adapt quickly to new technologies, tools and strategies we might throw your way.
  • Independent, punctual and work remotely. We don’t mind when and how you do the work as long as it’s well done and on time. You should be available to communicate with our team and clients between 9 AM to 5 PM EST on weekdays. 

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