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Writing exclusively for MediaBrief.com, Kejal Teckchandani, Vice President – Kinnect Outreach, outlines the crucial Influencer trends that will take center stage in 2022. She highlights how the demand for authenticity, a stronger focus on measurement, and expansion of social commerce will define this dynamic space. Read on.

The way brands develop relationships and communicate with their consumers has evolved as a result of influence. The pandemic has taught us that it is now more crucial than ever to use our power to connect on a deeper level, putting brands at the centre of culture.

The demand for authenticity, a stronger focus on measurement, and, of course, the massive expansion of social commerce are all anticipated to establish the Influencer trends for 2022. Without further ado, here are the top trends I believe you should be aware of as we head ahead in 2022.

Need for ‘Genuinfluencers’

The Covid outbreak had an impact on every aspect of life, including influencer marketing. With travel curtailed and high-profile events cancelled, customers sought more authenticity from the content makers they followed – and may this trend continue for a long time.

Use of Data

A data-driven approach to the channel is becoming increasingly important to keep up with the rapid evolution of the influencer marketing sector – otherwise, you risk overspending.

It should go without saying that the more money brands invest in influencer marketing, the more significant ROI becomes, and quantitative data is just as vital here as it is in any other channel for achieving larger returns and tracking the ones you do obtain.

We depend significantly on data not just when consulting with companies on the KPIs they need and selecting the influencer accounts that will help them achieve them, but also when tracking campaign performance and optimising campaigns on a regular basis.

While our data-informed strategy has been honed over our many years in the business, with many influencer programmes being visually oriented and brand-centric, it remains to be one of our most effective weapons, allowing us to combine brand and performance marketing within a single channel.

Cross Channel is Critical

The average social media user had three accounts in 2012. That number has now risen almost more than 5. It can feel impossible to retain any sense of continuity with the ever-growing number of social platforms and formats that brands must adapt to.

Cross-channel campaigns will become non-negotiable for marketers as the average user incorporates more platforms into their everyday lives.

While two platforms may appear to be similar on the surface, creating a cross-channel campaign that spans many social media platforms is not a task to be taken lightly.

Embrace Social Commerce

Last but not least, there’s social commerce. Now that major social sites like Facebook, and Instagram , YouTube are on board, it’s time for you to join them. India is expected to have 228 million native social commerce consumers by the end of 2022.

Just recently, Myntra has announced the debut of M-Live, a live video streaming and live commerce feature on its app that will complement the retailer’s existing content-led commerce initiatives like Myntra Studio and Myntra Fashion Superstar.Social eCommerce sites are becoming more popular in India.

Sites like Meesho, Shopsy, DealShare, and others fall into this category. These eCommerce companies have built robust platforms for Indian retailers and merchants to market their wares by posting them on social media networks.

Many platforms, such as Shopify, are developing plug-ins to create a seamless shopping experience in one swipe or click, indicating that social commerce is on the rise. Brands should focus more on social selling prospects in 2022, such as Instagram posts, Reels, Stories, and more. The influencer marketing landscape, like society at large, has transformed dramatically in the last year.

In 2022, there are numerous advantages to having a data-driven strategy and an always-on approach to influencer marketing, and an expert in this space I suggest combining these methods is the most effective way to obtain the best outcomes for your company. To track the results, you must approach the channel holistically rather than treating it as a separate entity.

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