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Trying to get super good at email marketing and build your email marketing list and your business? This week we’re jumping on the latest TikTok trend (because we’re cool like that) with an episode called “Tell me you’re a member of The League without telling me you’re a member of The League”, which is a tongue-in-cheek way for us to highlight some the traits, habits, and characteristics of our awesome members. Because this is how they make more sales more predictably from their email marketing.

Ready to nod your head in agreement or experience the most amount of FOMO you’ve ever felt?

Let’s go!

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You always have new and fresh ideas to talk about your products

The first thing we noticed that all our members have in common is that they always have fresh ways to talk to their subscribers about their products. If you run your own business, you’ve probably been stuck on this hamster wheel of having to create a product, sell as much of it as you can on your email and social media, and then… nothing. The sales drop and the money dries up. And you feel like you have to start all over again. Instead, we believe you should have a small number of products but loads of different offers around them.

And this is something important to highlight – there’s a difference between a product and an offer. The product is what you sell, while the offer is how it’s packaged, priced, positioned, and sold. So the offer relates to the marketing and the hook around it, for example, but it’s made up of lots of different ingredients.

The problem is that creating a product takes ages – it’s long and slow, and a lot of work and testing goes into it. Even if you create the most streamlined of products, it’s never a fast process. Whereas creating new offers for a product you already have is really fast. With the right templates, you can try out a new offer for your product super quickly. And members of The League all have access to all those shortcuts – we have templates for more than 30 different ways of presenting the same product to keep things interesting for your audience.

You have an automated email engine

An automated email engine is something that turns new subscribers into paying customers every single day, even when you’re taking time off. While we’re both either travelling or taking time off for other commitments, our email engine is attracting new people. So we’re not wasting the money and time we’ve invested in getting people on our list. Instead, we’re turning these people into paying customers quickly, efficiently, and completely hands-off. This means we’re getting a return for how much effort, time, and investment we put into attracting them. Awesome, right?

This is all happening from content that we set up in our email engine weeks, months, or even years ago, in some cases. And one of the reasons why it works so well is that we’ve taken our highest-performing campaigns and automated them inside the engine.

Because let’s face it – every email you send isn’t going to be your best-performing one. Can you imagine the pressure if that was the case? So we’ve taken our best campaigns – the ones that gave us the most customers when we first run them live – and automated them. And that means we get the Stripe or PayPal notifications pinging into our Inbox every day – even when we’re not doing anything. That’s what happens to our members too, which is absolutely brilliant.

You get excited about Email Marketing Wednesday

When Kennedy first presented the idea of Email Marketing Wednesday, Rob thought nobody would ever jump on board. Because surely people don’t want to do their email marketing on a Wednesday, right? What if they already do Webinar Wednesday, for example?

But to Kennedy, none of it mattered. Just because we do our email marketing on Wednesdays, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to. The key is for people to buy into the idea of dedicating one day a week to their email marketing.

And now? People inside The League will post about Email Marketing Wednesday even before Kennedy has opened his eyes at 5 am on a Wednesday morning! And that’s a bit hilarious.

You use our internal terminology outside of The League

We have all sorts of phrases and language we use internally. We have Hotline Calls, Snowball Emails, an Interrogator campaign, and the list goes on and on. That’s because we’ve given names to our frameworks, campaigns, and the strategies we use and teach inside our business. In our businesses, we needed quick ways of doing different things, so we created frameworks, and for quick ease and reference, we gave them names.

But what’s happening now is that members of The League get in touch with the various email marketing platforms asking for technical support and use our internal terminology with them. In other words, they assume that the phrases we use are globally known. But they’re not. And there are probably technical support operators out there scratching their heads around some of the questions they receive – certainly from some of our members. And that’s just funny.

So that’s a thing we do – we’ve created our own language and shared it with our awesome tribe. It’s super useful, especially because we named our campaigns by using metaphors for how they work, how they feel, and what they do. And it means we can just quickly identify them with a name without having to describe or explain them all the time.

You’re probably in a love square with Rob and Kennedy

We hear this all the time. Our members are always mentioning us at the dinner table, much to the annoyance of their partners. And the reason why they do is that once people understand the value of email, and how it genuinely impacts your business and your life, they become obsessed with how they can do email better and up their game.

League members want to know how to increase their effectiveness and improve their skills at email marketing, so they start talking about email at home instead of making small talk about what shows they’re watching on Netflix. And can you blame them? They love doing their email marketing, and that’s just a fact!  

The Top 10 Books To ‘Power Up’ Your Email Marketing

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You get told off if you say you have a small email list

Initially, we’d be the ones telling people off when anyone said they had a small email list. But now some members of The League will tell people off on our behalf, which is hilarious!

Why do we do that? Because if you have more than one subscriber, then you have an email list, which means you should be doing email marketing. That’s all there is to it, and it’s often a big realisation for people who join The League. 

Because let’s face it – one of the hardest bits of email marketing is growing your list. You have to work at it all the time, and it’s boring and not enjoyable. But it needs to happen. The good thing is that when you get good at email marketing, you get to make the most impact and the most money out of the subscribers you already have.

You don’t need a whopper of a list because we help you maximise the value you get out of your existing list. It doesn’t matter how big your list is because we give you the campaigns, the training, the help, and all the coaching you need to get the maximum juice for the squeeze.

You have too many ideas for emails and not enough days in the week 

Members of The League don’t have enough days in the week to send all the emails they have ideas for. Because they have way too many.

Every day, they come up with new ideas, but they don’t want to email more than once a day. So they’ll set their ideas aside for the next day when there’s already an email lined up. And so on and so forth. League members have more ideas for emails than days in the week to send them out. 

And that’s because once you get into email marketing, you start to see opportunities (that other people don’t see) that you can turn into valuable, high-impact, profitable ideas for your emails. As you come up with ideas you schedule them. It’s a great place to be and an awesome problem to have because you want to share all these different stories but can’t send too many emails in one day.

You become a student for life

We love learning and regularly join masterminds or buy programmes and courses, mainly about marketing. We consider ourselves students for life and our members are like that too – they want to continue to grow in their knowledge, which is why they stay members for a long time.

A lot of people tell us they originally joined our membership with the intention of staying for one month, getting as much out of it as possible, and then leaving. But that’s impossible to do. Because once you get in, you’ll find content that’s not necessarily for right now.

When you get started, you use what you need. And when you’re ready for the next bit of content, it’ll be there for you. Email marketing isn’t something you can learn and be good at it in one month – you’re going to get good at it over time. 

Plus, you simply can’t implement and run 20 or 30 campaigns at once, so you have to stick around. There’s no magic, quick trick that’s going to make your email marketing suddenly explode – our members know that’s not how it works. So they spend the time to become masters at the skill. They put in the work and the practice, and every day they get a little better and more effective at their email marketing. That‘s the magic. 

You use the same proven strategies but apply them to your unique business

All our members use the same proven tactics, frameworks, and strategies but apply them to a specific niche, audience, product, or industry. We love speaking to our customers and finding out what they do. And it often blows our mind to hear that not only what we teach works for everyone, but also that there are businesses out there doing the most wonderful things, like selling candles and wax melts or gluten-free cakes on the Internet.

Everyone’s business is different, but the same strategies work because we all sell to humans. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, we sell to humans who have email addresses, read emails, and buy from the same triggers. So ultimately, there’s no business that won’t benefit from having a really good email list.

That’s why all our members take what we teach and apply it successfully to different niches. Whether you have a course, a coaching programme, or a membership, and whether you charge people a one-off or a recurring fee, we see people apply our strategies, and they work. It’s totally exciting to watch. 

You’re building your business for yourself

One of the things we absolutely love about members of The League is that they’re building their business for themselves. They’re not trying to duplicate or replicate or even compare themselves to other people in our membership, in their industry, or anywhere else. They’re all about building their business the way they want it to be, and the size they want it to be.

This is why League members will take an email campaign and reword it so it feels more like them. When their subscribers receive the emails, they feel they’re connecting with the person. And our members’ personalities always shine through in their emails – because they’re building their business on their terms. 

We have members who run a brand new promotion every week and others who run three campaigns a year. They know our membership is there as a resource, and they’ll use it when they need it. Some have huge teams behind them, and others are working on their own. We have people who work in an office, and others who work from home. Are they all six or seven-figure businesses? No. Because that’s not what everyone wants. You work towards your goals and numbers and get to do it with the support of this awesome family inside The League who consistently and constantly have your back.

Want to join The League?

If you’re a League member, you’re probably nodding with a smile on your face right now because you know this is all true. If you’re not a member yet and want to know what the fuss is all about, go and check The League out.

We have more than 30 copy-and-paste email campaigns to help you promote your products and services, and a whole library of training courses to help you do everything you need to do with email. And of course, we also have group coaching calls every month to help you take things to the next level.


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Subject line of the week

Naughty Rob hadn’t prepared one in advance, but we got there eventually! So this week’s subject line is, “Copy + the emoji of a cat.” So it reads ‘copycat’ but you’ve done it with an emoji rather than the word.

This is a powerful technique if you don’t use it every day, and it’s about taking something that people are familiar with and tweaking it slightly. So you could take a famous movie catchphrase like “Are you talking to me?” and add a little gangster emoji, for example. It makes it look interesting. Or you could change it a little but in a way that still makes it recognisable. Try it out!

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