Bitdefender’s Senior VP of Sales & Marketing speaking about the partnership with Scuderia Ferrari

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The relentless pursuit of innovation and speed is what drew Bitdefender to Scuderia Ferrari. Here is a short interview with Mihaela Păun, our Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Consumer Solutions Group, about our partnership with the most iconic Formula 1 team.

Bitdefender launched the partnership with Scuderia Ferrari at the Singapore GP. What’s next for future F1 seasons?

MP: First, in 2023 the partnership will extend for the whole season: 24 races + 1 pre-season testing event in Bahrain. This year, we participated in the last 6 races of the season. Next year, Formula 1 will launch new circuits, Las Vegas, US being a rapidly growing market and the place where we have common interests in terms of expansion.

As a Scuderia Ferrari partner, starting with the 2022 Singapore GP, Bitdefender displayed the company logo on the drivers’ helmets and on the sides of the halo. From next year we’ll have better positioning on the helmet and will appear on racing suits and team uniforms.

The companies will also engage in marketing activities, including private meetings with Scuderia Ferrari team drivers and technical team members, factory tours, pit access, and other activities. In addition, Ferrari will explore Bitdefender cybersecurity products and services to include in its work.

What are the values that Bitdefender shares with Scuderia Ferrari?

MP: The relentless pursuit of innovation and the commitment to clients is what drew Bitdefender to Scuderia Ferrari. For Scuderia Ferrari, it is about the fan base, those who love the Ferrari brand, and for Bitdefender, we are talking about home users, companies, and society, because we always want to be one step ahead of the cyberattacks. Technology, excellence, and passion are the main pillars that create the natural association between the brands.

Bitdefender shares with Scuderia Ferrari a legacy of excellence and a demonstrated experience in building innovative technologies that deliver winning results.

Partnering with Scuderia Ferrari, the most iconic Formula 1 team, is a natural fit for Bitdefender. We look forward to accelerating the brand’s notoriety while remaining focused on providing award-winning cybersecurity protection for our customers around the world.

We share some important values with Scuderia Ferrari – the passion for high performance and technological innovation, the highest level of technological efficiency, the constant search for excellence in performance, and a culture of security.

How’s F1 like cybersecurity? Can you find similarities between the two fields?

MP: The power of data, people, and machines working together to excel. Innovation, speed, high performance, and always trust in the joint effort between the team, technology, and machines.

Just like an IT security company, intellectual property and how we protect it is essential in Formula 1. Behind one-tenth of a second’s advance lies innovation worth millions, so this information must be protected at all costs and can create a decisive competitive advantage in the championship.

Will Ferrari use Bitdefender cybersecurity solutions in the future?

MP: The partnership will develop in the future, and Ferrari will evaluate Bitdefender’s cyber security solutions and services, to find the best synergies and determine the most suitable environment to introduce our solutions into their activity. As Ferrari Team partner, Bitdefender will provide its entire portfolio of IT security solutions in this evaluation process.

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