Anti-gun groups of nuns sue Smith & Wesson over manufacture, marketing of AR-15s

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We don’t know what to say other than “stay in your lane.” That message is for a group of nuns who, instead of whacking school children on the hands with a ruler, have waded into the anti-gun hysteria usually reserved for unhinged leftists. Ok, maybe the hand-whacking analogy is a bit dated, but you get the point. The New York Post reports that on Tuesday, a group of nuns filed a lawsuit against gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson in an attempt to force the gun maker to abandon the manufacture, marketing, and sales of so-called “assault-style rifles” which they allege have been used in mass shootings in the U.S. Sadly, the New York Post , allegedly a “conservative” news outlet, has bought into the “assault rifle” hype.  According to the lawsuit, filed in state court in Nevada, Smith & Wesson’s directors and senior management exposed the company to significant liability by intentionally violating federal, state, and local laws and failing to respond to lawsuits over mass shootings. The nuns own stock in S&W. “These rifles have no purpose other than mass murder,” the nuns said in a statement. “No purpose other than mass murder?” That sentence alone should have this abomination thrown out on summary judgment. There are literally millions of AR-style rifles owned by responsible gun owners throughout the country today, of which 99.999% are used for anything but “mass murder.” AR-15s are used for hunting, self-defense, and target shooting. If only the nuns had been this enraged when violent thugs were burning down cities across the country, including churches, by the way. Ironically, the nuns aren’t worried about Bushmaster rifles, which are equivalent to AR-style rifles, with the only difference being they aren’t black and “scary-looking.” They are just buying into the “weapons of war” nonsense pushed by insane leftists. The fact is that we are in a bit of uncharted territory where crime is concerned. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas have left our southern border wide open, and God only knows what type of criminals have invaded our country as a result. One need only look at what drug cartels are using across that southern border in the way of weapons, and it is clear that your average 9mm M&P Shield may not be a sufficient choice to protect yourself. Just what exactly do nuns know about firearms? Who exactly is helping to fund this lawsuit? It is a guarantee that someone with the last name of Bloomberg or Soros is elbows deep in this suit. While AR-15s have indeed been used in some mass shootings in the United States, the typical weapon of choice among street criminals in the country are pistols, not “assault rifles.” The nuns filed a “derivative” lawsuit, meaning they did so as company shareholders. Derivative suits are intended to hold corporate boards liable for breaches of their duties to shareholders. In most cases, courts find such boards are protected from lawsuits for good faith decisions. According to Jeffrey Norton, the nuns’ attorney, this lawsuit is the first such case filed against a board over “assault rifles.” The nuns contend the directors of Smith & Wesson have ignored growing legal risks from the manufacture of “assault-style” rifles. For many years, gunmakers had broad immunity from liability for mass shootings due to the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. However, last year, Remington Arms agreed to pay $73 million to settle claims by families of the 2012 Sandy Hool Elementary School victims, which has now encouraged others to jump on the bandwagon. Some states have adopted laws banning assault weapons or making it easier to sue over their use. New York, California, and Illinois have passed such laws, but courts have clamped down on some of their gun control overreaches. The Nevada case was brought by the Adrian Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Michigan; Sisters of Bon Secours USA of Marriotsville, Md.; Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia of Aston, Pa.; and Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary, US-Ontario Province of Marylhusrt, Ore. Perhaps the nuns should worry more about the radical woke garbage coming from the Vatican than about firearms, which they clearly know nothing about.

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