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by Charles Crawford January 12, 2016

The digital marketing campaigns are becoming sophisticated with each passing day. Every business, irrespective of being small or big, wants to implement the most modern and apparently the greatest marketing strategies in order to be successful. The digital marketing campaigns have turned out to be a fundamental marketing approach for several organizations.

The digital marketing campaign is vital to set the benchmark and compare the present status of the company with where you want your company to be, 5 years down the line. A decade back the traditional ways of marketing ruled the industry. But, in recent times, the companies turn to digital marketing as it is the most lucrative medium in comparison to the traditional ways of marketing and also delivers a high return on investment.

If you do not keep abreast with the recent changes, your company might lag behind and competitors get ahead in the rat race. For instance, the keywords which were of high value a year back may not be attracting same big volume today, so it is advisable to keep shuffling your content matter every quarter. The Google changes its algorithms several times in the year and to match it and gain new customers; you must revamp your marketing strategies and rule your niche industry.

As we are at the verge of 2016, let’s check out the top 5 ways to completely revamp your digital marketing campaigns.

With the changing algorithm of Google, the keywords stuffing are not a right idea to increase traffic. Yet, it certainly has not lost its importance completely. Analyzing the best keyword has become extremely difficult because of the Keyword Planner hiding data of Google Adwords. By playing with the right word, the businesses can attract regular traffic and find the unseen opportunities in the process.

Some of the best tools for keyword analysis are.

SEMRush is a freemium tool but the paid version of this tool is far more effective as it helps you to track your competitor’s rank targeting keywords, landing page for keywords and also the volume of the keyword. The domain can be tracked from whichever location you are in.The SEMRush tool can also determine the local competitive market.

is a freemium tool that claims to have innumerable data of researched keywords. You can increase your list of keywords using Term Explorer by collecting the search volume for each keyword and determine the competition for the same.

Ubersuggest is a free tool that helps you in creating the list of keywords in detail with suggestions from various services.

To ensure free flowing traffic and high return on investment, you must know where your business rank in the search engines. The rank analysis tool helps you to analyze where you stand in this highly competitive market. It ascertains if your marketing campaigns are worth carrying on or needs changes to focus in a better way.

The ranking tools that can create a difference to your business in the year 2016 are-

Authority Labs comes handy when you are confused about which are the key words to choose from a pool of content. This tool can easily find out and graph the keywords that are vital for your site. It can track your daily keyword performance and give you a weekly report.

is a free tool from Google’s own roof that helps you to scrutinize the performance of your website. When you click on the Search Traffic and the Search Analytics tab,it gives you a list of keywords that are being ranked. You may select the high ranking keywords from the list that appears. The Search Engine Optimization magic can surely work and reach your website in the first page of the search engines.

Effective content, unique ideas and relevant keywords are the most important factors that create the difference and make you stand out. Fresh content, particularly optimized for the search engines helps to engage your target audiences. Some of the best tools for the upcoming year for content analysis are-

is a freemium tool that helps in determining the right content on your website. The WordPress plugin also makes sure that the content is completelySEO friendly. It works somewhat like the traffic signal to keep it under control.

BuzzSumo is a paid tool that helps you to observe and recognize the content that is gaining traffic. It has aneasy to usefront end panel that makes it easy for you to understand the major influencing factor.

The manipulative link building ways in the past made Google comment that link building is not necessary. Yet, it is one of the best factors for ranking your website on the first page of the search engine. The three tools for the year 2016 has to be-

BuzzStream is a superb paid tool with the best management. This tool is apt for generating prospects and searching for the concealed detail, such as contacts.

/Moz SEO Toolbar enable you to see the instant info on SEO for your current website. It also helps in examining if the site is completely a scratch and not a copy of some other site.

Link Miner Plugin is a free tool used for broken link building strategies.

The back end of your website, the functions, features, and other issues are equally important as the front end matters. The 2016 digital marketing tools to revamp the entire process are-

is a freemium tool but much information is available to use it free. It helps in recognizing the inefficiencies of your website and provides a checklist to complete. You can get a complete picture of your competitors and website using this tool.

is a freemium tool that controls all the pages and links of your site. It offers data on Page Titles, Status Codes, Robots Meta Data,Meta Descriptions on a filtered spreadsheet.

is a paid tool that provides information through graphs and charts. It can identify missing titles, duplicity, content length and more.

In the mobile economy, standing out in the colossal crowd depends on creating your brand name and increasing the conversions. Do you agree with the idea that the digital marketing campaigns have undergone a sea change?

Only a professional digital marketing company can understand the search engine rankings on Google which are affected by the new algorithms, twisting timelines by Facebook and apps on mobile blocking ads. The digital marketing backdrop has got a complete makeover with more advanced and revamped tools used by the certified experts in digital marketing.


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