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A Sydney woman has gone viral after she took a chance photo of a plane above her in the sky.

Campbelltown marketing professional, Neoma Fernando was walking her dog Butter when she stopped to take a photo of a Qantas plane flying over her on Tuesday.

Ms Fernando stopped to message her boyfriend, who she knew was due to return from a flight at the time, and joked it could be him.

This is the first time I’ve randomly taken a photo of a plane too wow #fyp #boyfriend #pilot

Ms Fernando said it was the first time she’d ever taken ‘randomly’ taken a photo of a plane in the sky (pictured), and it turned out to be the one her boyfriend was flying

She sent him the photo she took, saying: ‘So a plane flew over me today while I was walking Butter and I thought it might be you?!’

‘I know you land around 5.55?’

Her boyfriend, flying the plane, told her he’d check if maybe it was.

‘THAT DO BE ME,’ he said in a text accompanied by a map showing the flight path of his plane.

‘5.27 am I was over Minto!’

Ms Fernando (pictured) often posts content about herself and her boyfriend, often earning thousands of likes for their loved-up antics

Ms Fernando couldn’t believe she’d managed to pick her boyfriend’s plane.

‘NO WAY. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES,’ she texted back.

Her video recounting the tale has exploded on the TikTok site, racking up nearly a million views.

Ms Fernando has made many videos about herself and her boyfriend on the platform.

The video has been liked more than 100,000 times.

Ms Fernando’s boyfriend, a pilot, sent her back a map of his Qantas flight and said it was likely to have been him she saw

‘So cute,’ wrote many. 

‘This is making me cry, please, this is the cutest thing ever,’ said a moved viewer. 

Many viewers said they also teared up watching the video. 

Some viewers believed some kind of lover’s instinct made Ms Fernando snap a picture of the plane. 

‘Nah that is the cutest thing ever, how your instinct just told you it’s him.’

A few shared similar experiences.

‘I have taken a photo of my fiancés plane as he flew back to the US from the UK via Amsterdam – the flight path was in view from my bedroom window,’ said a loved-up jet setter.

‘This happened to me as well!!! I was meeting my online boyfriend for the first time and his plane flew over me as I drove to pick him up,’ wrote another.

‘Wow that’s so cute! My bf was actually flying the plane haha,’ replied Ms Fernando. 

Australian marketing woman’s ‘random’ photo of Qantas plane shocks the internet

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